From Director’s Desk

Our organisation commenced functioning in the year 1981 under the inspired vision and dedicated perseverance of our patron Mr. M G Baby and had played a stellar role in the expansion of the Public Industrial Sector in Kerala and was instrumental in the efficient execution of several projects in the influential industries like the Refineries, FACT, Vellore Paper mills, to name a few. At the outset our organisation was the choice specialists in the sphere of Mechanical and Civil contract works setting an incomparable trend in these unique fields. Gradually the organisation, foreseeing the future potential, diversified into a group to establish its strategic, accounting, organizational and financial policies. At present, we are surging forward to make an imprint in the global market scenario in the field of Engineering and Project execution, Information technology and Software solutions, and Hospitality and Tourism Development.
We earnestly entreat your moral support and cordial cooperation in our efforts bring out a social makeover worldwide through our vision and its successful implementation.

Policies, Objectives & Our Beliefs


  • WIS-SCOT do fully understand client’s requirements and act accordingly to accomplish their needs and expectations.
  • With given circumstances such as scope, budget and time, WIS-SCOT provides the Optimum Solution to client for their intended venture with prompt and prudent application of the Team’s knowledge, skills, tools and techniques.
  • WIS-SCOT acts as single point of contact for client for the project cycle
  • Core strength of WIS-SCOT is it’s highly Experienced and Talented leading professional, who are from different types of industries. The professional disciplines stretches to all engineering and construction sections of Industries such as Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation and Building Automation.
  • Established relationships with premier clients
  • Flexible; consultative approach
  • Ability to handle heterogeneous environments


  • An approach on cost - competitive solutions.
  • Presence in Global domains of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, To became a cost – competitive comprehensive solution provider in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and related support services across industries in India.
  • Good Quality is Good Business.
  • All employees have a responsibility to ensure that whatever we deliver is right.
  • All Qualities issues are preventable.


  • WIS-SCOT is committed to achieve leadership role in Health, Safety and Environment management through continual improvement by innovative and sustainable endeavors with all levels of resources support.
  • WIS-SCOT believes that protection of environment and ecology, the safety and occupational health of employees and stake holders will always be core value along with organizational mission and vision.
  • We, at WIS-SCOT pledge to comply all measures of awareness and prevention of Health, Safety and Environment related incidents through direct involvement of our all levels of personnel and corporate.


  • Design and Execute all the projects to highest standards of Health Safety and Environment.
  • Set measurable objectives for Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Integrate Health, Safety and Environment consideration in business planning and decision making.
  • Create effective Health, Safety and Environment procedures and ensure compliance to all procedures.
  • Provide safe and Healthy working environment and train all employees on safe work practices.
  • Comply with applicable Health, Safety and Environment legislation and statutory, regulatory and other requirements.
  • Use Techniques and studies of process and industrial safety and management, to minimize Health, Safety and Environment related incidents building towards a continual improvement culture.
  • Periodical color coding for all the Tools, Tackles and equipments employees using in site.

our structure

Flow Chart

Faculty Board

1) Finance & Accounting
2) Information Technology
3) HR & Administration
4) Technical & Bidding
5) Business Developing
6) Project Coordinating & Procurement