Wis-Scot is a technical, financial and professionally sounded organization and one of the best balanced turnkey contractors in the commercial and domestic sectors especially in petrochemical, oil & gas, refinery and power industries. Wis-Scot has a strong bias towards commercial and domestic sector related activities in different geographical locations and a leader in the provision of engineering, procurement, project management, construction and consultation services with distinctive capabilities in the design planning and the execution of different size - scale onshore projects, Engineering and procurement services, Commissioning Assistance, Annual Maintenances, Project Management consulting. The Company enjoys a superior competitive position for the provision of delivering the best available services to the petrochemical, oil & gas, power and refinery; with a particular focus on the toughest and most technologically challenging projects - activities in different geographical location.

Why Choose Us

WIS-SCOT provides complete solutions that enable you to scale cost effectively and quickly address evolving business priorities. Our philosophy is to employ the best people, tools and processes to provide the services needed to enhance your ability to focus on what really matters – efficient operations, customer service and new business opportunities. We collaborate with you to understand your infrastructure management needs and offer tailored solutions that address your requirements. Providing Centralized and on-site management solutions to ensure your infrastructure meets the demands of your business, WIS-SCOT gives you the flexibility to choose the services you need, when you need them.